Sunday, August 14, 2011

GenCon Winners

These are the pictures I managed to get of the winners in the GenCon painting competitions. Unfortunately some of the pictures turned out bad, but here is what I got:

I know that the sculpted minis in 1st and 2nd place were bought by Reaper. 3rd place sculpted mini went to Coolminiornot, hopefully we will see those soon!

Pics from GenCon

First off, I am sorry it took so long to get these pics posted up. The week after GenCon turned into a working nightmare, machines broke, had to install new machines, and train a new employee to take over my old job. I survived, but it left little time to do anything else. Anyway here are some shots from GenCon:

This was the D&D hall, everyone here was either playing D&D or one of the associated board games. There was even a giant beholder!

Here are some shots from the GenCon painting competition miniatures:

While I was wandering through the vendor hall I spotted something amazing, the TARDIS! I had to try and get inside, but it would not let me in. :( Maybe next year.

More pics and info to come!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am going to GENCON!!!!!

As a last minute thing, my wife (in all her awesomeness) told me to go to Gen Con for the day with my friend, GreyHorde. We are leaving early Saturday morning, scoping out the contest minis, hitting the vendor hall, trying to squeeze in a painting class and any other general shenanigans we can get into. I will have plenty of pics and vids when I get back!