Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lady Justice and Judge

I had a great weekend relaxing and I got to hang out with my buddy Greyhorde and we did some painting. These two models won't win any competitions, but they are good enough for gaming. Plus I have another set that I can work on later if I feel that I want to do it better. Hard to say right now since ME2 dropped at Gen Con and a new plastic box set for Lady J was released. The new Death Marshalls are awesome! For now I can calling these two done after a good clear coat.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Life happens

Wow, it has been almost one full year since my l last post here. Last year was a very rough year and 2013 hasn't been all that kind either. More work, more things breaking and everyone needing my attention all at once. This year was especially nasty in that two days before Gen Con my underground power line to my house broke. So instead of having fun and geeking out with like minded peoples, I spent the weekend digging a 35ft ditch. What can you do? Had to be fixed. Everything is back to normal now and the kids have started school for the year. With routines coming the norm I am really trying to get "butt-in-chair" time at the paint desk. So here is a shot of one of my WIPs:

Here is Kaeris from Malifaux.