Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trying to restart the madness

Without going into too much detail my real life has been severely cutting into my hobby time. It happens, not much can be done about it. I was actually starting to lose my interest in doing this anymore, but I did what most of us do, I played on the internet. I started browsing other blogs about painting and gaming. I read thru some forums. I said "What the heck?" and signed up to join a painting forum by the name of WAMP. What a great bunch of people there. I met a person who lives close to me who is a fantastic painter and they offered to teach me anything I wanted help on. You know every time that life seems to kick you in the teeth, it slides a little something good your way. Maybe I am just lucky there.

Anyway, my painting and gaming juices are pumping again and I will soon have some pictures, reviews, maybe even a battle report. Let see if I can really get this thing going.