Monday, June 15, 2015

6MMRPC Round 2

The new round of the 6MMRPC ( started June 1, and of course I was late getting started. I did get a little paint time yesterday so I worked on finishing up a few quick ones. Both to get them off the table, but also to remind myself how to paint. It has been awhile since I had painted.

Up first is 2 figures from Soda Pop Miniatures. I had picked these up years ago at Gen Con when they were metal. I have to say that the assembly for these were terrible. The arms did not want to sit properly in the sockets and I did a lot of filling with glue. I primed them black then airbrushed them with Minitaire Gun Alloy. I was pleasantly surprised how nice that looked. Some black wash to pick out detail, then blue wash on shoulders and knees. Finally an orange wash on the visor - call it done.

I also threw some paint on a Reaper Bones Flesh Golem. Nothing special.

Just good enough to call him done.

So my record for the year is 17 - 6. That is 17 bought to 6 painted. My goal is to blow this out of the water with more painted than purchased this year. I have a ton of Bones from the 1st KS and I am tempted by what I have seen for Bones 3, probably burning all my Jokers there. After those I have plenty of Malifaux that need some love. That doesn't include the minis that I want to try and paint for display. I think I will mostly be tackling tabletop / tabletop + in this round. No matter what, every step is progress!