Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Paint Club - Night #1

Tonight my buddy Dave (http://grey-wolf-studio.blogspot.com/) and I had our first night of starting a paint club. We met up at ThroughTheDecadesSportsCardsGaming, which is not a miniature game store at all but they do carry board and card games. Magic the Gathering is a big thing there. Dave had approached the owner about possibly hosting a paint club there and the owner liked the idea so.....

Dave working on some Sedition Wars figures. Even though there was a Magic tourny going on we could barely tell and Dave and I enjoyed a few hours chatting and painting together. I opted to work on some of my Malifaux figures and chose my Ten Thunder Archers,

This is after 2 coats of red.

Looks like 3 coats was the magic number.

Here they are with the shadows put in. The rest are some close ups.

All in all a decent progress for a few hours while trying to start a weekly paint club. The holidays coming up will put a hiccup in the routine, but hopefully we can get some more people involved.

Stay tuned for more!