Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sedition Wars and a Present

Sorry to be late with my latest update but last week there was a death in the family. My wife's uncle passed very suddenly and we will just say that it was far from the best circumstances. Lately when this kind of tragedy happens I find myself thinking about my dad who passed 2 years ago. He was a model car builder and in the last few years before he passed we grew closer over different modeling techniques. One of my many regrets was never getting around to have him teach me how to airbrush the right way. Everytime I sit down to paint I think of him, bittersweet, I know.

Anyway, right before this bomb dropped my awesome wife got me my Christmas present and told me I could have it early!

That is my new Badger Krome Airbrush! I was doing a little kid happy dance when I got it. I have used it once and I love how it feels in my hand. The double action is really nice and smooth and it has a needle limiter so you can set your paint flow to be consistent every spray. I still have a lot to learn about using it beyond basic priming and basecoating, but I will get there. Here are 8 Strain models that I primed and basecoated with the airbrush then I finished them off with the brush.

I tried several different color washes as you can tell before picking out some details. I am not super happy with them, but these are ok for a board game. Just need to finish up a bit on the bases and paint in the rim with black. This will put me up to 12 minis done for the #6MMRC. Hopefully I will get some more done this week/weekend.