Sunday, October 19, 2014

#6MMRC Week 3

This week I ordered and received a new airbrush hose and adapter. Luckily supplies do not count in the reduction challenge. Last week I tried out the Harbor Freight Deluxe Airbrush when priming my Sedition Wars figures. I learned a few things:

1. I like the double action airbrushes for the way you can control the paint flow.
2. A water trap is a necessity, not an option.
3. I do not like the Harbour Freight Airbrush. This is more about how it feels in my hand than anything. I have larger hands and the airbrush was uncomfortable.

So I inherited my dad's modelling supplies when he passed away, which included two Paasche Model H airbrushes. They are single action, bottom feed airbrushes. I know they are not the "best" for our line of modelling, but for priming and base coating it will do just fine. I had ordered a Badger brand airhose with an inline water trap and the adapter to fit the Paasche brush to the airhose. There will be more airbrushing this coming week!

What I did manage to finish were 2 miniatures, 1 for Malifaux and a very basic repaint of a Heroscape figure for a client. Here we have the Lone Marshall for the Guild. In the fluff he is a Death Marshall that has managed to absorb the taint of the evil magic he fights instead of being corrupted by it like most are. I went the "Death rides a Pale Horse" theme for him. He is mounted on a Dark Ages base insert.

I feel I did an ok job for the first time ever painting a horse. Not very realistic, but neither is Malifaux....

 Here are the before and after shots of the Heroscape figure repaint. The colors were chosen by the client based on a community approved custom figure.