Sunday, October 12, 2014

Major Progress! Thanks Mr Airbrush!

So I managed to get a good chunk of the day to work on some hobby stuff and I decided to bust out the airbrush. I currently have a few airbrushes at my disposal and I have hardly used any of them. Today I used the Harbor Freight deluxe airbrush. It is a bottom feed brush with both a bottle and a cup attachment. Since I was planning to prime a lot of figures I used the bottle.
So this makes a complete set of Sedition Wars and the Kickstarter extras all primed up with zenithal highlights. I hope this counts as my zombies for Zomtober with the crew at #6MMRC. Now it is time to airbrush on some base colors and then pick out details and call them done. The character models will get more attention, but the "rank and file" guys will get just enough to be decent on the table. On a side note I was in a Family Dollar store the other day and as I was wondering around I found this:
It is a silicone pot holder, but I immediately thought I could use it for a stamp for bases. Here is the first test:
Not too bad. I am not sure but I think my green stuff is getting too old. I will try again with some softer air dry clay I picked up. Keep picking at those mountains!